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Custom Coins
Custom challenge coins are of the highest quality, custom made to your specifications. They are 
die-struck insolid brass, with fine detail and vivid colors. They are offered in a variety of finshes,shapes,sizes and degrees of relief.
Popular Coin Finishes: Gold, nickel, copper,bronze, antique gold, antique silver, antique copper and 
antique bronze.
Common Custom Coin sizes: our custom made coins are available in these three traditional sizes 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2", However jf you require other than these sizes, just ask. Custom coins can be made into any shape.
Coins are regarded as a lasting and valued tribute to an individual. Alternatively they may celebrate a
 specific event or moment in time. 
Military Custom Coins


Military coins have a deep seeded significance in many military groups and help showcase the U.S. Army fight for America's freedom for more than 200 years. Military coins have been traded and collected by soldiers for years. They are a great way of showing your service in the US Army.
In modern times, challenge coins aren't just used by the Armed Forces; they are also used in business to inspire a military style brotherhood and camaraderie between teammates. They are a fantastic way to honor a valued member of your team.
Our coins can be antique plated in gold, silver or bronze, All of our coins are die struck for greater dimensional look. Coins are available with or without enamel fill, high polish.


3DImensional Coins

3-D also known as multi level or sculpted look. If an image has more than one height from the recessed level of the coin surface, then it is considered 3-D.

Custom Medallions

We are specializes in custom medals of all types. We feature the finest quality medals available for your special occasion, award or recognition ceremony. We are confident that we can fill your need for medallions. We can create Medallions incorporating your current insignia, or help you design something new. Our design team can design any kinds medallions as your requirement in time and for free.


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